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How does Query work?


My Design Process


I have a hard time making easy decisions... is this just me?


Millennials have their decisions made public on social media and are constantly overloaded with decisions.

This causes decision fatigue and makes it difficult to feel confident in their decisions without validation.

I can provide a platform to crowd-source decision making.

User Quotes

“I’ve found by asking others, I can find out how I feel. If I think their opinion is wrong, then I just found out.”

“I like using Snapchat - people respond quickly because it’s easy and I just need a simple opinion.”

“I have to think so much during the day… what ice cream flavor do I want? I don’t know, someone choose for me.”

I’m much better at helping others decide than I am at making my own decisions.”

Design Inspiration

Tinder: The originator of swiping addiction

Snapchat: Simple 3 button navigation for main app functions

Bumble: Card design and fun animations

Competitive Analysis


Social Media Queen

Name: Kayla

Age: 19


  • Posts on social media often

  • Follows her friends’ choices

  • Messages friends constantly

  • Always questions her decisions



  • Affirmation on her choices

  • Being trendy & looking good

  • Popularity

  • Desires a big social platform

“I ask my friends‘ and followers’ opinions about everything - I just want to know I’m making the right decisions.”


  • Which shoes do I wear?

  • Which place is trendier?

  • My friends aren’t answering me… which photo should I post?


Biggest Pain Point

  • Struggles to make a decision without affirmation

  • Feels lonely and upset when her friends are too busy to answer her

All-Knowing Hipster

Name: Tyler

Age: 26


  • Is on Tinder just because he enjoys swiping 

  • Instagrams every life detail

  • Loves giving his opinion to others, but is indecisive about his own decisions


  • Finding the best places for food and entertainment

  • Feeling his opinion is heard

“I love listening to others’ problems. I secretly love judging people, plus I can make their lives better with my advice.”


  • I need to kill some time on this train… wish I could swipe on something

  • Where has the most
    Instagram-able food?


Biggest Pain Point

  • His friends are tired of hearing what he thinks 

  • He enjoys posting online, but finds it time consuming

User Flows

Feature Prioritization

Site Map


User Testing

"I love all of the colors!"

"If I see cards, I want to swipe"

"I don't like all the black, it doesn't feel like part of the app"

"This is great, I needed this app last night!"

"Really easy to navigate"

Feedback on Hi-res Design

Design Process

Indecisive? Query lets you crowd source your decision making.

Let the majority rule.

Next Steps

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