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Product Bundling
A modular interface that allows customers to add entire outfits, capsules or bundles to their cart.
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Capsule Pages

I worked closely with the Merchandising team to support their initiative of creating clothing Capsules by designing a user interface that allows customers to add entire outfits to their cart.


After user testing early designs, I saw many users wanting a size guide as they're adding the items to their cart, so I added a sizing link to each product.

In an initial A/B test with a traditional shopping grid, the new design showed 40% higher transactions and 18.2% higher

Bundling Expansion

After the success of using the "bundling" interface with Capsules, I laid out several more use cases for this single add-to-bag interface - including holiday gift discounts and a styling guide for popular products.

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Bento Box Survey
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