Contour Diabetes App

Contour Diabetes is a connected system that allows users to send blood sugar readings to their mobile device to help manage their diabetes. 

For the last 3 years, I have spent most of my efforts in creating, user testing, and redesigning parts of this system.

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Intro Tour

When I was introduced to the project, there was an existing Intro Tour designed to help the user with navigation and features. However, it was very cumbersome and user testing showed a clear lack of retention along with frustration even navigating through the tour.


  • The original Intro Tour had 40 total screens, which is overwhelming 

  • So many things were being presented to the users that there was no chance for comprehension or retention

  • Most of the screens were partially interactive/partially not, so navigation was inconsistent and confusing.



  • The intro tour was moved to appear once a user enters the app for the first time

  • It highlights the most important features on the home page with short explanations 

  • The overlays are in-context and simple, which helps users have better retention


Initial Setup

Once I got familiar with the Contour app, I noticed that one area that could use a re-design was the initial setup. As the user's first introduction to the app, the setup should be clean, quick, and helpful. After talking with the team, they agreed to tackle this project, keeping in mind the following:


Optimize the initial setup for users

Minimize development time and disruption

Maintain business and medical requirements

Problems with the original flow:

  • Users had to go through 36 mandatory screens during setup

  • There were multiple unnecessary confirmation screens

  • Several screens had the same information or functions

  • Pairing was required in the setup, so if there were errors or the user didn't have a meter, they couldn't experience the app

  • The app and meter setup were combined, so it wasn't clear which was being set up

Business and medical requirements: 

  • User sets up an account

  • User needs to have the option to fill out a profile

  • User needs to know they are confirming default preferences or have the option to change them

  • User should have the option to pair a meter

  • No change to the overall look and feel

Original Flow (36 Screens)

Asset 3.png
Asset 8_2x.png
Asset 6_2x.png
Asset 4_2x.png
Asset 5_2x.png
Asset 3_2x.png
Asset 14_2x.png

Re-designed Flow (8 screens)

Asset 11_2x.png
Asset 10_2x.png
Asset 9_2x.png
Asset 16_2x.png
  • Condensed setup and information screens to summaries

  • Changed mandatory settings setup to confirmation of defaults

  • Moved pairing a meter to an option for the user to have after they enter the app

Asset 17xx_2x.png
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