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Contour Diabetes App

2015 - 2018

Contour Diabetes is a connected system that allows users to send blood sugar readings to their mobile devices to help manage their diabetes. 

To see concept work of how this app could evolve for the future, explore the Contour App Evolution project.

Try the app:

The Project

The company & service
Ascensia Diabetes Care (formerly Bayer Healthcare Diabetes Care) introduced a revolutionary meter that connected with an app for easier diabetes management and healthcare provider communication. 
The projects
I worked on numerous aspects of the app and meters, including enhanced overviews, meter pairing, activity management,  smart trend alerts, time zone functionality, software integration, second-chance blood drop sampling, meter interfaces and instructions, and more.
The role & team
I was the lead designer for this project on a team that included designers, a technical writer, and a UX researcher. I worked closely with Software, Systems, and Quality Engineering teams and consulted with many stakeholders including Marketing, Medical, Regulatory, and Legal.
The results
We conducted extensive user testing of the app and meter features that passed FDA and other worldwide regulations for medical devices. Both were translated and released worldwide. You can find the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE and CONTOUR®NEXT GEN meters at your local pharmacy!

The System

Intro Tour

One project I worked on was an intro tour. When I was introduced to the project, there was an existing flow designed to help the user with navigation and features. However, it was very cumbersome and user testing showed a clear lack of retention along with frustration even navigating through the tour.


  • The original Intro Tour had 40 total screens, which is overwhelming 

  • So many things were being presented to the users that there was no chance for comprehension or retention

  • Most of the screens were partially interactive/partially not, so navigation was inconsistent and confusing.



  • The intro tour was moved to appear once a user enters the app for the first time

  • It highlights the most important features on the home page with short explanations 

  • The overlays are in-context and simple, which helps users have better retention

Product Bundling
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