Brand Refresh

A site replatform created an opportunity to rebrand with improved consistency, accessibility, and identity.

Full process coming soon


Project Overview


Interior Define is a made-to-order furniture company that specializes in creating sofas that meet customers’ needs. Customization options include collections, configurations, fabrics, legs, sizes, and more.


As the only product designer on this project, I led user testing, competitive analysis, and stakeholder meetings. I worked very closely with a product manager, several developers, and stakeholders such as Marketing and Merchandising.


Interior Define had gone through several different half-hearted rebrands so there were a variety of different treatments across the website and none really complemented the brand. In addition to not being consistent, some of the color and text treatments used were not ADA-compliant, and multiple different colors made it hard to distinguish hierarchy. A lack of a design system also made it extremely slow and difficult to design new pages or onboard new designers.


I initially attempted to create a design system during my monthly Hack Day. However, as I went, I realized that I couldn't do that without a real branding project and guidelines. With an upcoming re-platform project coming up, I saw the recoding of the entire site as a perfect opportunity to refresh the branding.


I took the initiative to get stakeholders on board to work on it, presenting them with multiple options and results from user testing. We worked together to pin down a beautiful olive accent color that emulated our brand's feeling, along with image, text, and layout treatments that let the products and photography shine.